Hidden Gems of Madrid

Hi everyone!  So as you know I’ve been living in Madrid, Spain for the past 4 months.  I’ve heard a lot of people say that there isn’t really too much to do in Madrid.  If you just hit the standard tourist sites then yes, I would agree with that and say you could hit it all in maybe 2-3 days depending on your level of interest in those sites.  But living here has allowed me to discover so many other cool things to see and do here that most tourists don’t know about or give themselves enough time to do.  So if you want to hear about the “hidden gems of Madrid” then keep on reading!

Hidden Gems 

1) Parque de Europa (Europe Park)

Cost: Free

Con: A little ways out the citycenter

This is definitely one of my favorite places in Madrid that a lot of people don’t know about!  It’s a park that has replicas of famous monuments from all over Europe (Eiffel Tower, Trevi Fountain, London Bridge, etc).  If that isn’t already cool enough, there is also lots of other activities.  They have ziplining, a petting zoo, playgrounds, adventure course, boat rides, and more.  (Of course these activities do cost extra if you want to participate in them.)  If you’re taking public transit there I would recommend taking the metro as far as it will take you and then getting an uber from there.  There is a bus that runs from the nearest metro to the park, but it takes at least 45 minutes so if you’re trying to save time an uber might be better.  (If you’ve never used uber use my code ‘kayleek255ue’ when you sign up to get $2 off your first 3 Uber rides).

2) Teleferico de Madrid

Cost: For adults 1 way is 4.50 euros & roundtrip is 6 euros.

This is a really cool skilift that begins near Temple of Debod and ends in Casa de Campo park.  The ride last about 15 minutes one way from what I remember and the ride gives you a great view of Madrid!

3) Casa de Campo

Cost: Free

Casa de Campo (mentioned above) is another one of Madrid’s many parks.  It’s not as well known as Retiro, but it’s just as cool if not cooler in my opinion.  This park is massive and has so many trails.  It also contains a zoo and an amusement park.

4) Faro de Moncloa

Cost: 3 euros

This is a really great observation tower that gives you a panoramic view of Madrid.  It’s really cheap and worth the money in my opinion.  I enjoyed all the signs inside the tower pointing out the name and function of all the buildings in the distance.

5) Cibeles Palace

Cost:  2 euros for the observation deck (free 1st Wednesday of every month) & free to walk around the palace

I love this place.  I went here multiple times while I lived here.  It’s a beautiful palace with another breathtaking view of Madrid.  As I said above, walking around the palace is free, but you have to pay to go up to the observation deck.

6) Espacio Fundacion Telofonica

Cost: Free

If you’re a fan of the Netflix original show ‘Cable Girls’ then you have to stop by this place.  This is a neat exhibit about the history of the telephone and telecommunications throughout the years.  You can even take a picture at the switchboard like your favorite cable girls!

7) Segway Tour


Cost: $35 euro for 90 minute tour

Company:  Madrid Segway

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly a site, but it’s a really cool way to see more of the city.  I took a segway tour with my parents when they visited me and we had so much fun!  The company I linked is just 1 company of Segway tours here in Madrid, but there are others as well if you just google it.  We had a really great experience with this company though and their office is centrally located.  They also offer a wide variety of tours (we did the Casa de Campo tour).

8) Museo del Traje (Costume Museum)

Cost: 3 euros

This museum is pretty close to Faro de Moncloa & Casa de Campo.  I stumpled upon it after I went to Faro de Moncloa and I was trying to find something else to do for an hour or so.  It was a really interesting museum about the evolution of clothing over the years.

9) Naval Museum


Cost: 3 euros

Note: Closed on Mondays

Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of this museum, but that’s only because I’m not that into navy stuff.  But for someone who is really interested in the navy, it is a really nice museum with a lot of exhibits.

10) National Library of Spain (Biblioteca Nacional de Espana)

Cost: Free

The library has a nice little exhibit that you can walk through.  It was okay.  I wouldn’t put it at the top of your list, but if you’re in the area and you have some free time it’s worth checking out (and it’s free!).

11) Casa de la Moneda (House of Money)

Cost: Free

Note: Closed on Monday

I’m really sad because I never got to go here!  I learned about it a couple weeks before I was supposed to leave and never found time to go.  From what I read online it looks really cool.  The museum is about the history of money.

12) Archaeological Museum

Cost: 3 euros

Note: Closed on Monday

Another site that I never made it to, but it was always on my list!  Another one worth checking out if you’re in the area.

13) Quinta de Los Molinos

Cost: free

This is another nice park and during the spring time beautiful flowers bloom all over and it’s a great place to take photos.  Above is a picture of when I went, but of course by the time I went all the flowers were gone (how rude!).

14) Hipodromo de la Zarzuela (Horseracing!)

Cost: Varies by race

I also found out about this place later in my time in Madrid so I never made it out!  But it looks really cool!

15) Almudena Cathedral

Cost: Donation based (Recommend to donate 1 euro)

This is yet another beautiful spanish cathedral.  It is literally right next to the Royal Palace so you can just stop by this cathedral after your visit to the royal palace!

16) Circulo de Bellas Artes (rooftop bar/restaurant/lookout point)

Cost: 4 euros

This place is such a good find!!  This rooftop has some of the best views of Madrid in my opinion.  Sit, relax, get a drink, and enjoy the view!


So there you have it!  Those are some of my favorite places in Madrid that aren’t as well known.  If you have any questions, please comment!  I hope this was helpful in planning your trip to Madrid!


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  1. Kaylee, you are just so helpful and thorough! I never plan to visit abroad but if I did, you have given some very helpful and useful information. Always love reading about your blogs and your adventures. Enjoy!! Love you, Grammy

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