A Recap of my Morning-Austin➡️Chicago✈️

It’s currently 12:45PM and boy have I had a long morning. This morning I woke up at 4:30AM for my 7AM flight to Chicago! This week I am attending the North American College Training with almost 2,000 other christian college students from around North America and the rest of the world! I am so pumped!!! This nationwide conference on this scale only happens once every 4 years so it’s a pretty big deal. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does & speaks among all the students this week. There has been so much prayer for this training and I have a feeling the Lord is really going to speak something important to us. But without further ado let me tell you about my morning.

So once my alarm went off, I grudgingly got out of bed, got ready, and finished packing. I quickly inhaled a banana and my morning coffee before I ran out the door to meet my uber that was supposed to arrive in 1 minute. I get outside and the uber was not there. My apartment complex has 2 gate entrances, but only 1 is the “front” of the complex. Even when I put in the street address for the front of the complex, somehow Uber’s still get confused and go to the back. Twas the case this morning. My map on the uber app showed my driver behind the complex, but it said he was in route to the front of the complex. After waiting 5 minutes, I realized he was not in route to the front of the complex, but was indeed just sitting in the back of the complex. So finally I went to the back, found my uber driver, and we were off to the airport.

And here is when my other little mishap happened. Yesterday I got an email from Frontier airlines saying I would be flying out of the South Terminal of the Austin airport. I had never heard of the South terminal, let alone been there, but I assumed (there is my mistake, never assume!!) it would be connected to the main terminal or at least easy to point my driver to when we were inside the airport. Wrong. The south terminal turned out to be quite a ways from the main terminal, a 15 minute drive. Unfortunately, I realized my mistake when we were already sitting in the long line of cars waiting to drop off passengers at the main terminal. There was no escaping. So we waited in that line and I had my driver drop me off at the main terminal. From there, I figured out I had to take a shuttle bus to the South terminal. At this point it was 6AM and my flight left at 7AM. I had no idea how long security would take at the South terminal and how crowded it would be. When I finally arrived at the South terminal at 6:20AM, luckily it turned out to be super tiny. There were only 2 gates there and there was almost no line for security. I was through to the gate by 6:30AM still with 15 minutes to spare! That gave me enough time to grab a breakfast taco for the plane and jump on.

Of course, the plane ended up leaving late so I most likely would have been fine either way. But I am very thankful I made it. The flight itself was alright. I tried to sleep but the seats were very uncomfortable so I mainly listened to music & watched an episode of The Office!

All of this is a classic Kaylee airport story. I never give myself enough time before my flight because I think I won’t need it. I can’t tell you how many times I almost missed my flight for one reason or another. Will I ever learn? Maybe one day, but probably not.

So now after an eventful morning, I am finally on my way to the college training! I am currently on a bus to Champaign, Illinois to the college campus where the training will be held. I am really excited to see a lot of my friends from different cities & especially to get into God’s Word with all the students! Please keep me and all the other students in your prayers.

Here is a hymn I have been enjoying recently!

You can see the guitar & piano chords for the song at this link:



Texan On The Go

2 thoughts on “A Recap of my Morning-Austin➡️Chicago✈️

  1. Good story, Kaylee. Better get that timing down better or you really may miss your plane one day. That wouldn’t be good. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Again this is a late response because of my eyes. Love you

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