A New First- Skydiving

“Any idiot can fly a plane, but it takes a special kind of idiot to jump out of one.”I guess that makes me a special kind of idiot.  Yesterday I finally got to live out my childhood dream and jump out of a plane!  As far as I remember, from a young age I have never been scared of much (except for me being scared of dogs as a child…cmon I was like 5 and they jumped on me and my 5 year old self got scared… don’t blame me).  I went on my first rollercoaster ride at 8, rode my first plane alone at 9, and now skydiving at 18.  Most people live their lives wondering what could go wrong, but what if you start living asking “What could go right?”  That is how I feel about all these stunts that make your heart beat a million miles a minute.  If you live with the fear of what could go wrong, you’ll never truly live.

The desire to throw myself out of a plane began forming in my little brain around age 10 with the help of my cousin Megan.  At that time, we decided that once we turned 18, we would go skydiving in Arkansas.  Why Arkansas?  Well our 10 year old selves thought Arkansas was the halfway point betwern Texas and Maine (where my cousin is from).  Obviously, we weren’t very good at geography.

So no, we did not fulfill our plan of skydiving in Arkansas together, but yesterday I skydived in Maine!  I have so many amazing things to say about Skydive New England.  There are so many factors that make a good skydiving experience…

  1. Price-
  2. Instructor- My instructor, Scott, was amazing!  He asked me lots of questions about myself and throughly explained every detail of what would be going on.  He made sure I knew exactly what would be happening and how my body position would need to be.  Once we were up in the plane, he continuted to talk to me and confirm I didn’t have any questions.  With Scott as my instructor, I felt completely safe.  After we landed at the bottom, Scott had me sign a log book and I found out I was his 17,257th jump!  So I’d say he knew what he was doing.
  3. Feeling Safe- Before skydiving, you are required to take a short safety class and of course sign waivers (aka we are not responsible or liable at all if anything at all goes wrong…sucks for you).  In the class, everything about the parachute backpack and back up parachute is explained.  Then you can ask further questions if desired.  Skydiving is incredibly safe!!  Did you know that there is a better statistical chance of you getting struck by lighting and dying than you dying by skydiving?  I think that is pretty incredible.  Skydiving is actually so safe.  Just driving your car is more dangerous than skydiving.
  4. Location- All I can say is I love you Texas, but I am glad I didn’t skydive there because the view would have been fields, fields, and more fields.  But luckily, the view of Maine was incredible!!  Trees and greenery everywhere and a view of the ocean.  Absolutely breathtaking.
  5. Option to buy video/photos- At Skydive New England there is an option to pay extra to have a videographer jump with you!  It is pricey for sure, but SO worth it.  The videographer jumps just before you and your tandem instructor in order to get amazing footage.  The videographer uses a gopro camera to make a video of your entire adventure.  They also give you lots of pictures (I got 75.)  Click Here to watch my skydive video!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see all my latest gopro videos of my travels and adventures.

I’m not going to lie to y’all and say I wasn’t nervous because I definitely was.  As the plane took off and we kept rising and rising higher and higher into the sky,  I couldn’t believe the day had finally come.  My instructor and I were the first ones off the plane and as I neared the edge of the plane and looked down at God’s creation below I was just speechless.  I was nervous, but more excited than I was nervous.  In a split second, it happened.  I was in the plane one second and falling to the Earth the next second and the feeling was indescribable.  All of the sudden, the wind started hitting my face at 120mph.  At first I couldn’t breathe and I started freaking out, but then I just reminded myself to breathe and it was all ok.  The freefall lasted an entire minute, but that minute went by so fast!  All of the sudden, Scott was pulling the parachute and my hearing slowly started coming back to me.  Then I could really take in the view and just say “Wow”.

Would I do it again?  Heck yes.  Next time, I’ll be more prepared and ready to pose for the camera.


Texan On The Go🌎

P.S.  Finally checked this one off my bucket list✅  What’s on your bucket list??

P.P.S.  Shoutout to the fam bam for doing it with me!  My dad, Uncle Rod, & Cousins Sarah, Katie, ZacX2, and Will!

7 thoughts on “A New First- Skydiving

  1. Yes my daughter is nuts at times, but I’m glad she convinced me to do it with her. I am not adventurous and would not have ever ever done this if not for her and my brother’s arm twisting. But it was a blast and so glad I got to create this memory with Kaylee and my oldest brother Rod. Love y’all!!!

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  2. It was so awesome watching ya’ll fulfill your dreams. I was happy to do it with my two feet securely on the ground. Love you all ❤

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