Northern Arizona Canyons

June 29, 2017“We have nothing to lose and a world to see.”
I have had the privilege to go to so many amazing places along this road trip. Our last day consisted of seeing the beauty of two more canyons in Northern Arizona and driving 9 hours to make it to our final destination-San Diego.  
The first canyon we went to was Antelope Canyon. If you’ve never heard of this, prepare to be amazed. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. When I first saw photos of it a few months ago on instagram I was in awe. But seeing it in person was even more amazing. There are two parts of the canyon-upper and lower Antelope Canyon. We went to Lower Antelope Canyon. The canyon is on the Navajo Indian Reservation so you can only see the canyon through a guided tour led by a Native American. There are many different tour companys to choose from, but we chose Ken’s Tours. It was $25/person for the standard tour plus an $8 parking lot entrance fee/person. There is also a photography tour which I sadly did not get to go on (next time!) where you are not rushed through the canyons as much and the guides help show you where the best photo ops are. Photographers are required to bring a tripod in order to go on the photography tour. Overall, I was in awe of the beauty of Antelope Canyon! It is a must see if you’re in Arizona. Completely worth your time and money. Also FYI, the time zone in Arizona can get a little confusing due to the fact that they do not observe daylight savings so make sure you double check the night before your tour that you have the correct time. Your phone will not always display the correct time due to the fact that antelope canyon is so close to Utah. Just be aware of that!
Then, just a short 10 minute drive from Lower Antelope Canyon is Horseshoe Bend. This is yet another gorgeous canyon. It is FREE! There is a parking lot to park in and the canyon is a short 15 minute walk from the parking lot. From the parking lot, the walk looks very short and not too challenging, but don’t be decieved like we were. After you reach the top of the hill you can see from the parking lot, you have to continue walking downhill to get to the lookout point to actually be able to see Horseshoe Bend. The walk back is at quite an incline so be prepared with lots of water. Although we only spent maybe about 45 minutes total here (including the walk and taking pictures), it was one of my favorites!! Just the way the canyon is shaped and the way the river runs through it is such a cool sight. I am in love with the shots I was able to get there. 
There are SO many more canyons, dams, and parks that we weren’t able to make it to in Arizona and the surrounding states. But one day I would love to be able to make it to all of them! After our morning at these sights, we began the 9 hour drive to our final destination-San Diego! Somehow, when you’ve been driving for 3 days and you are finally almost to your destination, you begin to feel very motivated and the remaining 9 hours of driving doesn’t seem too bad. The always changing scenery also makes the drive pretty entertaining. 

8 thoughts on “Northern Arizona Canyons

  1. Awesome pictures, it doesn’t even look real. I am in awe over the blog thing
    I’m so incredibly proud of you and ability to capture the memories
    Be careful

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