Grand {Canyon} Adventures

June 25, 2017

“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.”

Yesterday I was sitting at a restaurant eating dinner in Flagstaff and it hit me that this is really happening.  I am traveling the world (or at least the country at the moment) with my best friend!!    The journey is only just beginning.  This is the first of many crazy roadtrips filled with so much adventure, laughter, and learning.  Making mistakes doesn’t always feel so great, but it’s what we do with those mistakes that makes a difference!  We have to learn from them.  

In Flagstaff, we stayed at something called an Airbnb.  Basically it is a website (also an app) where people rent out rooms in their houses (or their entire house if they are out of town) to people.  You can read reviews about the house and all the information about the house rules and the people who live there before you decide to book.  Airbnb’s are way cheaper than hotels and are a great option for travelers or someone looking for a weekend or week long get away.  There are locations all over the world.  I recommend airbnb to everyone, especially all my college friends who are trying to save money and not pay bucket loads of money on hotels. 

The particular airbnb we stayed at last night was called Snug As A Bug and is hosted by two college girls, Anne and Kate.  They live in a little neighborhood right in Flagstaff and they have one extra room with a queen size bed that they rent out.  They were amazing hosts providing us with bottled water, breakfast bars, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and access to their kitchen and washer/dryer.  We never actually got to meet the girls because they were out late last night and we left early this morning, but once we finally found their house we had no problems getting in.  Kate was super helpful and answered right away whenever we texted her with questions.  She also gave us great recommendations for dinner.  

But notice how I said, once we finally found their house.  So yeah, we may have had a little problem at first.  But it was all our fault, not our hosts.  When we got into the neighborhood last night, it was 10pm so it was pretty dark and their neighborhood didn’t have too many lights so we were trying to read the house numbers as we drove by to find their house.  We pulled into the driveway of what we thought was the right house and started getting our luggage out of the car.  We went up to the porch and tried to find the lockbox where we were told the key would be, but couldn’t find it.  I had a feeling something wasn’t right when we saw lots of bikes and kids toys on the porch.  Why would college students have all this stuff?  We texted Kate to make sure we had the right address and turns out we didn’t!  Whoops.  Gotta blast🚀 They had given us the right address, but we had typed it into the GPS wrong.  So once we figured out the actual address, we had no problem!  We felt super safe and comfortable staying in the house.  It was only $34/person to stay the night at their home (#score).  I give it 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I mentioned earlier that Kate had given us some recommendations for places to eat dinner.  We ended up going to Lumberyard Brewing Company off of historic Route 66.  It was a cute place with great service and food.  We had to wait 45 minutes, but it was a Saturday night so not a big shocker there.  As an appetizer, we had fried mac n cheese bites (amazing!!!) and for our meal we split a dinner combo (ribs, baked beans, and mac n cheese).  The whole area is super cute.  There are a lot of restaraunts and a few shops.  The vibe reminded me a lot of Austin.  

Lastly, I have to tell y’all about the Grand Canyon!!  It was incredible!!  I have no words.  We didn’t do any hikes because we got there so late in the day, but we went to the overlook points and took lots of pictures.  I don’t think there is really many words I can say about the Grand Canyon.  My pictures below show you better than I could ever say.  After all, a picture is worth 1000 words, right?

Texan On The Go
The bathroom of our airbnbOur bedroom of our airbnbFried Mac N Cheese BitesOur beautiful drive🗺🚘

Another state checked off my list!!🗺🌵

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