Book Review: Delirium Trilogy


June 19, 2017

“A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.”

Am I a bookworm?  Guilty.  I loved reading ever since I could remember.  My childhood is filled with memories of the library and lots of books.  Most kids get in trouble for talking in class or not paying attention.  What did I get in trouble for in school?  Reading in class.  I am that girl you see reading in the airport.  On the subway.  In the hallway.  Everywhere.  When I am really into a book, it’s all I can think about and you’ll see me reading whenever I get the chance.  If given the choice between sleeping and finding out what happens at the end of the book, you know what I’ll be choosing.

Personally, I’ve always been into science fiction novels, particularly dystopian.  If you need a good book recommendation in this category-I’m your girl.  I have read my fair share of books over the years, but today I want to talk about the trilogy I just recently finished reading.  The first book is called Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  For those of you who might have seen the movie “Before I Fall” which was recently in theaters, this movie is based off a book (which most are.. shocker I know) also by this same author.  Okay, so what is this book Delirium about anyway?

Delirium is set in America, but sometime in the future.  We don’t know exactly how far in the future, but context clues in the book tell us it is definitely in the future.  On one hand, it feels like it is in the future, but on the other hand, it feels like an alternate reality.  I think this is the point the author was trying to make with the setting.  She could have chosen to set the book in another country or on another planet, but she chose our own America to make the book seem like more of a realistic possibility of something that could actually happen to us.  In this society, the people believe that love is a disease.  They call it Amor deliria nervosa.  The people believe love is a disease because it causes you to think irrationally and do crazy things.  Without this disease, there is order and peace.  Everything is perfect and no one is unhappy, or at least that’s what they believe.  But how do the citizens get rid of this awful disease?  Well, when each citizen turns 18, they get cured.  It is the day every child looks forward to so they no longer have to worry about the disease seeping its way into their bones.

Our main character in Delirium is named Lena.  Lena has had a troubled past, but never the less is a bright, athletic student who follows all the rules.  She can’t wait until the day she gets cured.  But Lena’s best friend Hana is not exactly one to follow all the rules.  Hana listens to forbidden music, goes to illegal parties, and stays out past curfew.  When Hana starts to let Lena in on her secrets, Lena freaks out and doesn’t know what to do.  She can’t be caught doing anything illegal.  But slowly, Lena starts to become more curious about all those things she isn’t supposed to do.  She starts uncovering truths about her past and realizing that quite possibly everything that she has ever been told about the disease and her society has been a lie.

On her journey to find out the truth about the world, Lena meets a boy named Alex and does the most forbidden thing of all-she falls in love.  In a world where boys and girls are barely allowed to look at one another, Lena is amazed by what it’s like to be with a boy.  To be in love.  That forbidden word.  Love.  Follow Lena as she searches for answers to questions about herself, her life, her society, and this disease that is spreading in her like wildfire.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a trilogy so there are three books in the series.  Delirium is the first book.  Pandemonium is the second book.  And Requiem is the third book.  After reading the first novel, I was captivated by the concepts in the book, the characters, and the journey to find love in a place where love is forbidden. I always get very into the characters in all the books I read and this one was no different.  I thought all the characters were written beautifully and had very distinct personalities.  The book is so well written (all 3 books!) and leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat the whole time.  I loved these books so much and I recommend them to any book lover!!

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