Adrenaline Rush

June 18, 2017
“Do one thing that scares you every day.”

This has been my life motto for a while now and it has caused me to have some insane adventures.  I think it’s important to face your fears and say “You know what-this certain thing scares me so much, but I am going to do it anyway.”  People may think I am fearless, but I’ll tell you a secret.  I have a lot of fear, but I just choose to push it down and overcome it.  And I can tell you, my favorite adventures have come from facing my fears and just doing it.  

So what was my one scary thing for today?  I rode a spinning ride that hung off a 107 story high building in Las Vegas.  I know, I’m crazy.  I was scared out of my mind, but now I can say “I did it!” and in all honesty, it definitely was not as scary as I thought it would be.  That’s the thing with fears.  We make them out to be these big, bad monsters in our head, but in reality they really aren’t so bad.  After the inital shock of facing a fear, usually you actually start to enjoy whatever it is you’re doing and realize that it isn’t so bad after all.  For me, as I rode the elevator of The Stratosphere up 869 feet, my heart was pounding so fast.  I thought it might rip right through my chest.  As I got out of the elevator and looked at the city all around, my heart didn’t slow down any.  We took a minute to look around at the view and then made our way up 1 more floor to Insanity.  This ride goes out over the edge of the building and spins you around and around.  When I first boarded I was pretty scared, but after the ride got going a while I was having a lot of fun screaming my lungs out.  The ride felt very secure with a platform below your feet so your feet weren’t just dangling there and of course a bar over your lap.  I know this isn’t for everyone, but if you are a thrill seeker, this is a must ride while in Vegas.

We also rode the Big Shot ride.  If you’ve ever been to Six Flags Over Texas and ridden the Superman, this ride is just like that.  The only difference is you are already 107 stories up when you board the ride and then it shoots you up another couple stories.  I’ll be honest, I screamed when the ride launched us up, but once I saw the view I knew it was worth it!  There is one more ride up on the stratosphere called the X-Scream which we didn’t do just because it didn’t look too fun to us and we didn’t want to pay the extra money to ride it.  But those are the three rides on top of the stratosphere!  There is also something called the Sky Jump which is basically a free fall from the 107th story to the ground.  That looked like a lot of fun, but just very pricey ($120/person).  Prices for the other rides were $20 to get up to the observation deck and $5 for each additional ride after that.  Or you can buy an unlimited ride pass for $40.  

But the thrill of my day doesn’t end there.  At night, we went back over to Freemont Street (the old Vegas) and did the Slotzilla Zip Line.  There are 2 options on how to do it.  You can either zipline normal in a sitting position or zipline laying on your stomach in a superman position.  We chose the latter and had such a fun time!  I have been on a bunch of different ziplines before, but this one was so unique.  1) Going superman style was the way to go!  2) It was so cool to see so many people below you as you zoomed by.  3) Freemont street has a kind of dome ceiling with amazing lights constanlty changing colors so it was very interesting scenery.  

Lastly, a little less thrilling, but still adventurous journey happened at Red Rock Canyon.  The landscape there is just absolutely stunning.  Words can not even describe.  You have to see it with your own two eyes.  Even through my lenses, I couldn’t capture the true beauty of it all.  I promize you I tried my hardest, but I would look at my photo and look back at the real thing and it just couldn’t compare.  We took a 13 mile scenic drive where they had various points along the route where you could get out of the car and hike a little or just take photos.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  

And so with the adrenaline pumping, our Vegas trip came to and end!  There is so much more to do in Vegas than most people think (it’s not just gambling!!  Imagine that).  As you can see, we found plently of stuff to do!  “The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than 1000 peaceful days.”  So go out there and have an adventure of your own!  I promise you won’t regret it and you’ll thank yourself later.  Go adventure while you still can.

Until Next Time,

Your Favorite Texan On The Go🤘🏼


Red Rock Canyon

The Observation Deck at the Stratosphere

Having lots of fun

About to go up

From the top!


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