Surviving The Heat (1 Air Conditioned Room At A Time)☀️🔥😎

June 16, 2017

Let me tell you people; It is HOT here in Las Vegas.  Even hotter than Texas.  Today the temperature got to 107!  And tomorrow it is predicted to reach 110.  Wow.  But we are surviving (Stayin alive, Stayin alive, ah ah ah ah).  We spent a lot of the day outside, but we popped in and out of some air conditioned stores so we wouldn’t melt.  We ate breakfastat our   favorite place, The Blind Pig, once again with our favorite waitress, Brandi.  If y’all ever go to eat there, ask for Brandi as your waitress!  She is the best!!!   Shoutout to this dude named Brandon for making our morning and paying for our meal just because.  Come to find out, he owns a bunch of clubs in Vegas and around the US including one in Austin; Rio.  

Post Breakfast, we drove on over to the little town of Boulder City.  There we went into a bunch of antique shops and other stores.  It is a cute city and fun to spend a few hours in!  After this, we went over to the Hoover Dam.  Wow, it is amazing!!!  It’s just an architectural miracle.  I think everyone should see it at some point in their life.  It’s free to walk around and look at the beauty of it all, but cost $15 to do a power plant tour and I think $30 to do the tour of the power plant and the Hoover Dam.  Fun Fact: Did you know the Hoover Dam is in 2 states?  It is not only in Nevada, but also in Arizona!  So now I have technically been to Arizona.  Woot Woot.  

After starting to melt out in the sun like the wicked witch (I’M MELTINGGGGG), we headed back to the hotel to cool off.  Then we drove over to the Bellagio and tried to kill some time before our dinner.  The Bellagio has lots of expensive shops like Prada and Tiffany so we went in and out of those stores pretending we could actually afford to buy all that stuff.  Hey, a girl can dream!  After getting our steps in, we made our way to the Bellagio Buffet and had ourselves a feast.  The buffet has every food you can think of.  If you’re craving pizza✅chinese food✅fish✅prime rib✅crab✅More✅ They have it all!  And then if you aren’t already full after all that, there are about 15 desserts to choose from.  

Finally, to finish off the night we went and saw Cirque Du Soleil: O in the theater right next to the buffet.  I think it’s named “O” because once the show is over, your mouth can’t help but drop open, forming an O, in awe of the performance and talent of the performers.  Some people might disagree, but in my opinion having recently seen Lion King on Broadway, I thought this show was even better.  The show captures your attention the entire performance as your eyes constantly wander straining to catch a glimspe of each performer.  There is always something going on on every part of the stage.  The talent is phenomenal and I continued to be even more impressed as the show went on.  It was entertaining, amazing, funny, shocking, and all around worth the money.  We had seats on the 7th row and it felt like we were right up in the action.  This particular Cirque Du Soleil show is mostly in the water.  The performers do flips, dives, dances, and tricks in and around the water.  If you come to Vegas, this is my #1 recommendation of what to do!!!  Put it on your bucket list!

Boulder City, NV

Mocha at The Blind Pig

Our seats at Cirque Du Soleil

The fountain inside the Bellagio

Hoover Dam

The end of the show

Brandi-Our favorite waitress!

A candy shop in Boulder City

Don’t Fall Han

Always showing who the best college is where ever I go #hookem 

Had to get a picture with Brandon of course

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