Waking Up In Vegas😴💋

“Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now- That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas.” -Katy Perry

June 15, 2017

Another day here in Vegas.  It’s hotter than you can imagine (and that’s coming from a Texan!!) and it’s only going to get worse as the days go on.  We solved that little problem by getting our tan and swim on at MGM grand hotel.  We rented a cabana for the day there so we had our own little nest!  You can order in the food and drinks while you hang out.  To cool off, they have a long lazy river you can float in (trying your best not to bump into people with your inner tube).  They played some great music over the speakers also (old and new songs)!!

After our pool adventures, we headed over to the Highroller ferris wheel!  It is the tallest in the world standing at 550 feet.  The pods are enormous and apparently can hold up to 40 people per pod.  Luckily, it wasn’t too crowded today so we only had to share our pod with two other people.  The view from the top was so nice and the entire ride took about 30 minutes!  It goes very slowly and you don’t even feel like you are moving so it’s not exactly what might come to your mind when you think “Ferris Wheel”.  

So I have to rave about where we ate dinner!  What a neat place!  It is an Italian restaurant called Battista’s Hole In The Wall.  All you have to order is your main dish and then everyone at the table gets garlic bread (probabaly the best garlic bread I have ever eaten), salad or soup, wine (over 21 only of course), and a cappuccino after your meal!  Yummy food.  It is a short, 5 minute walk from the Highroller.  

We finished off our day at Freemont Street seeing the original Las Vegas.  Personally, I thought it was so cool because of the vintage look it had going on.  I liked the old Vegas better than the new Vegas.  We tried to do the zipline there in Freemont, but it was sold out for the night so we will be back there on Saturday to do it!  

4 thoughts on “Waking Up In Vegas😴💋

  1. I love that you are doing this blog, Kaylee. What a great idea! It is so neat to hear and see what you are doing each day. The photos are great and bring the story to life. I love the picture of you sitting in the pod. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. I never have been to Vegas! You made it feel like I was there. Lol. All pictures all are fantastic! By the way- Fantastic blog! 🌞🌞

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