Vegas Baby🎰

June 14, 2017

I am in Las Vegas!!  This place is insane.  We are staying at The Martin, a highrise condo.  I was at a loss for words when we first walked into this place.  It is just absolutely beautiful.  We are on the 26th floor and we have a view of the strip from our living room area.  The rest of the condo is just so quaint.  It looks like those model dorm rooms they show you when you’re doing your dorm tours.  Art on the walls, complimentary colors on the walls and sheets, books everywhere, modern hipster furniture, and everything in its place.

But besides our condo, the rest of Vegas is pretty sweet, too.  Today we mostly just walked around through all the different hotels.  My favorite was New York, New York because of the vibe it had going on there.  It made me feel 100% like I was back in New York!  They have a rollercoaster in the hotel that Hannah and I rode.  It starts in the hotel and then goes outside, doing lots of twists and turns and a loopty-loop near the end! It reminded me a lot of the Titan at Six Flags over Texas minus the loopty loop part.  It was pretty thrilling, especially being able to see all of Vegas from the top!  I also thought the MGM hotel was pretty nice.  It is just ginormous; walking through I never thought we were going to get to the exit.  

Besides walking through the hotels, we also went to the M&M Store, Hershey’s Store, and Coca Cola Store!  The M&M store was just like the one I went to in NYC- 4 stories.  From mugs, pajamas, keychains, shirts, luggage tags, to much more, the M&M Store has it and with a cute little M&M character on it.  If your mind can imagine it, the M&M store probably has it.  They also have this huge wall of all different kinds of M&M’s so you can mix and match a bag full of your favorite M&M’s.  They had flavors such as dark chocolate, vanilla cupcake, red velvet, pretzel, caramel, and more!  Hannah and I might have gotten 3 bags full, but hey no shame.  We’re on vacay and I love my M&M’s.  At the Hershey’s Store, they had all kinds of stuff with Hershey’s and Reese’s on it.  I didn’t buy anything, but it was definitely a cool store!

Lastly, the Coca Cola Store was awesome!!  I’ve always been a fan of coke stuff because my great grandfather worked for Coca Cola and my Mamaw has a whole room in her house dedicated to her Coca Cola collections.  I was a Coca Cola baby.  Literally.  My cousins and I were all photographed as a baby in Coca Cola attire and with coke props.  Fun times as far as I remember(;  Anyways, the store was two stories and they had pretty cool items, but the best part was the coke from around the world!  Upstairs at the store, you can order an International Tray for $9 which includes cokes from 16 different countries!  Some taste very good like Lift Apple from Chile or Inca Kola from Peru, but others not so much.  It is a lot of fun though to try all these different flavors and see the reactions of your friends and family.  I promise you their facial expressions and the pictures you will be able to capture to post on snapchat or insta will not disappoint (see photos below for proof).

So did we eat anything else today other than M&M’s and international soda?  We did indeed.  We actually ate lunch and dinner at the same place.  It is called the Blind Pig and is a short 5 minute walk away from our condo!  Everything we have eaten so far was delicious, but be warned the portions are huge!  So that was our day today!  Just exploring the city and getting used to this time change.  We’ve got big plans tomorrow to do absolutley nothing by laying out by the pool.  Very exciting stuff people.  

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