NYC- Day 3🍎

June 10, 2017

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  There’s nothing you can’t do.  In New Yorkkkkkkkk”
So our first stop yesterday was the 9/11 Memorial which I dedicated an entire post because there was just so much to say about it.  So check that out if you haven’t already!  

Following the 9/11 Memorial, we stopped by NY Fire Station #10, one of the fire stations that responded during 9/11.  They sell NYFD t-shirts there and you can look around the fire house if you ask!  I did hear someone say it isn’t always open to visitors so if you do go just know it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll be able to go inside.  But being able to go inside was so cool and so nice of the firefighters!  It was a photographer’s dream in there with so much equipment and interesting items to photograph.  Thank you to the NYFD for allowing me to do that!

Next, we walked not even one block down to Essex World Cafe.  It’s a great local place to eat at if you’re at the 9/11 Memorial or just in that area.  They have lots of options and everything we ordered was delicious.  I had pasta with vodka sauce and my mom had the chicken parmesan sandwich.  Then, we hopped on the subway to Chinatown and Little Italy.  Let me tell you, that as a Texan who barely ever rides public transportation (I would if we actually had it), the subway system is so confusing!! (In my opinion). But there is a handy little app a local told us about that has helped us out a bunch.  It’s called Moovit.  You put in your current location and your destination and it tells you which subway to take and where the nearest station is and how to walk to get there.  It’s been a life saver.  

Before we made it to the Subway, we passed a protest going on so I got to snap some shots of that.  In Chinatown, we just walked around and looked at the random souvenir shops.  In Little Italy, we got some amazing lemonade!  Then, we started looking for a famous youtuber, Casey Neistat, and his apartment that is nearby.  We located it pretty easily due to the gopro sticking out the window.  Of course, we were not able to meet him, but we did meet his neighbor named Martyn!  Martyn was so nice and told us about how there are always lots of people outside the apartment taking pictures or trying to spot Casey.  The apartment complex even put up a sign saying “No Selfies” (pictured below).  No one really listens to the sign though.  Whoops.  Martyn (Casey’s neighbor) is also a portrait photographer and if anyone is interested his website is 

After these festivites, we took the subway to over near NYU.  I’ve always wanted to see NYU so that was awesome to see in person.  But the real reason we went over to that area was for this insane dessert place called Dō, Cookie Dough Confections.  I first saw it on facebook on a food insider video.  When I saw it was New York, I put it on my “things to do in NY” list.  It did not disappoint!!  Since cookie dough is my favorite food group, I was basically in heaven.  There were 16 different flavors ranging from unicorn to brownie batter to heavenly and much more.  Beware: There is always a wait!!  The website says “be prepared to wait anywhere from 30 minutes-3 hours”.  We were able to get away with waiting only 1 hour luckily and not 3.  The wait was totally worth it though!  The cookie dough was delicious.  I got chocolate dream and Hallie got signature chocolate chip.  We both got chocolate chip cones!  Yum!!  The place is very organized and they make the line across the street so the actual store area isn’t crowded.  They have their system down very well.  If you love cookie dough like me, this is the place for you!!  There is also a cute little park nearby, Washington Square Park, where you can hang out and eat your sweet treat.  If you’re not a fan of waiting in lines, but you just have to get some cookie dough from Dō, we found out about a service in New York called Same Ole Line Dudes.  They are a company made up of about 30 men and women.  Basically, you pay them a certain amount and they will wait in line for you for almost anything in New York- Dō, Broadway tickets, etc.

Following our yummy treat, we took a quick rest at the hotel and then we headed to fangirl over our favorite tv show, FRIENDS.  We took the subway over to West Village to see the outside of the apartment that belonged to all of America’s favorite characters; Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross.  It was pretty surreal and made my heart happy.  The address is 90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014.  I’ll be there for youuuuuu ’cause you’re there for me toooooo. 

Then, we went out to dinner at Junior’s in Times Square.  Another amazing restaurant.  No restaurant that we have eaten at so far has disappointed!  My mom and I split a grilled cheese with french fries.  Amy and Hallie split a pulled pork sandwich with vegetables.  We all shared a side of mac n cheese.  For dessert, Hallie and I split a strawberry shortcake while Amy and my mom split a chocolate/vanilla malt.  

Finally, we finished off the night walking around Times Square and shopping til we dropped at American Eagle and Forever 21.  And so that concluded our third day in the Big Apple!🍎


Casey Neistat’s apartment

Little Italy


More protesters

Strawberry Shortcake at Junior’s
The FRIENDS apartment!b

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Cookie dough is my favorite too. Michael and I drove to NYC right after 911 to pass out Bibles. The people of that city were amazing and resiliant but I agree it’s worthwhile to share those painful memories so hopefully history will not repeat itself. The kids and I are looking forward to more posts! πŸ™‚

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